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tela*** 26 EUR
Phantom's Mirror
igor*** 2,340 RUB
Tiki Mania
tela*** 73 EUR
Books & Pearls
klar*** 77 EUR
klar*** 25 EUR
tela*** 24 EUR
GAM Book of Crazy Chicken2
klar*** 56 EUR
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Books & Bulls
1mar*** 7,000 RUB
Extra Chilli
klar*** 20 EUR
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Extra Chilli
milo*** 64 PLN
Knockout Football Rush
tela*** 29 EUR
Book of Romeo and Julia
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La Dolce Vita
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Ozwin's Jackpots
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Extra Chilli
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Extra Chilli
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Knockout Football Rush
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Extra Chilli
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Extra Chilli
isor*** 37 EUR
GAM Books & Bulls GDN
milo*** 80 PLN
Knockout Football Rush
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Knockout Football Rush
milo*** 83 PLN
Knockout Football Rush
1mar*** 1,281 RUB
Extra Chilli
milo*** 100 PLN
Knockout Football Rush
1mar*** 2,388 RUB
Extra Chilli
isor*** 25 EUR
GAM Books & Bulls GDN
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About game

Beat Me

Beat Me is a very simple and straightforward game powered by Play’n Go. It is a card game where the player wins by beating the croupier. This game is just as simple as the likes of Heads or Tails; hence, it is quite ideal for playing for fun in the middle of your day to day activities. The gameplay is set on a table which resembles the one for games such as Blackjack. However, it is not as thrilling and diverse as the game play in table games. It is way simpler.

This card game utilizes 52 cards. The Deuce has the lowest value while the Ace has the highest value. Players get to have an intriguing game with animated card sounds as well as the dealer’s voice. However, those who are uninterested in such sounds can simply turn them off and have a silent and chilled gameplay.

How to Play Beat Me

Playing this game is as simple as betting can ever be. The first step is to select your bet by selecting the chip size. The sizes available are 1, 5, 10, 25 or 100 credits. Once it is chosen, it will move to the wagering field, and then you can start playing. You then click the Bet option and then the Deal option which starts the game. Both you and the dealer are dealt one card and the one with the highest value win.

However, sometimes the same card value can be obtained by both players, and this opens up more gaming options. The first option is placing another bet with the similar value as the initial one and more cards and dealt to both players. The players with the highest value then wins. Alternatively, you can opt to surrender that bet and start over if this occurs.

Interestingly, you can bet that both players will get the same card value and get bigger odds. However, it is very risky, and the chances of winning are much less compared to the other bet.

Winning Strategies

Beat Me is a very simple game, and the gameplay is straightforward. There are very few strategies that can improve your fortunes when playing this game. First, it is important to note that the game has a Return to Player percentage of 97.67% which is much higher than many casino games. Hence, the more you play, the higher your chances of winning.

However, this payout percentage reduces drastically when you place the Tie bet. It falls to 81.3% which is quite low. The odds for this bet are much higher than the usual bets, but the chances of hitting it are low. This is the dilemma you will be facing.

Finally, the only way to win in casino games is to understand and internalize the gameplays before taking big risks. This game has a comprehensive Help section where gamers can read and understand about how it runs. You can also play free Bet Me casino game and get familiar with it without taking real money risks.

Beat Me online is a simple game that can be very interesting. It has an exciting gameplay and a high payout percentage which can result in frequent winnings. You can try Beat Me on any Play’n Go casino and have a worthwhile gambling experience.

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Beat Me